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EVERYTHING about AK ONLINE is changing and will be live sometime in March or April 2015. This will be an entire online library of videos and content. Much more than ever before! There are groups, live events, and way more than I can write here. Come to the new site to check it out.



AK ONLINE is READY! With this purchase you will be able to access the entire AK 100 hour course online from Dr. Chris Montanaro. It will have sample quizzes, recommended reading, videos of techniques, videos of muscle testing and the ability to chat and discuss ideas in AK and business with your class.

The AK online is a yearly fee. When you sign up be aware of a few things.

  • The intstructions you will need are located in the “files” location in session 1. You will also be emailed these same instructions soon after you sign up.
  • It does take a little time to give you full access, but if you do not have full access within 1 week please call me or let me know.
  • You will receive an email from me within 1 week or so to join the online courses.
  • To view any of the Session documents you will need adobe acrobat. It is free. Many of them require a password and you will find them in the instruction sheet again in session 1 under files.

Purchase Here Now!



So far you have access to:

1. Video of all of the muscle testing

2. Video reviewing the techniques from sessions 1-4.

3. All of the powerpoint presentations for the 100 hour course

4. Access to close to 700 flashcards to study on your computer or iPHONE. There is an additional cost for access purposes only. The service costs a one time fee of $30, but with AK online there are no additional fees above the service fees from the vender of the flashcards I used.

5. Many more already completed study aides will be up shortly. It will include details of every step of every possible meridian outcome, Acupuncture charts, AK flowchart, and audio files of case studies.

This will also be a forum which will allow me to post the content for the Nutrition From the Masters Course online as a self study option.