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Nutrition From The Masters Live Boradcast

You can view the Live Broadcast or sign up below.

This particular 12 hour seminar has previously been presented in a typical in person seminar format. Because of the interest in me teaching this around the country I am using my Broadcasting Studio to Broadcast the seminar live over the internet. It’ll be like watching TV from your computer.

Instead of 12 straight hours in front of a computer I am breaking the seminar into 4 sessions of 3 hours each. It will be available live and On Demand for later viewing for doctor benefit as well as education of staff.

Previously the seminar had been approved for hours for a Diplomate in both Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology. There is still a possibility of the hours counting towards the Applied Kinesiology Diplomate at no extra fee. Be sure to check the on the website for updates.

My original intent was to make this a free Seminar. Just because of the fees associated with broadcasting bandwidth I am only charging a minimal fee of $1 per hour for the 12 hour seminar. So the entire seminar is $12. Due to the Streaming service set up the $12 is a monthly fee unless you cancel. There will be continued seminars you can have access to the the monthly fee, however, if you only wish to have access to this 1 live event for the month of September then simply cancel the subscription at any time and you will still have access for the month of September. Also do to the advanced promotion of this broadcast you will want to sign up on September 1st so you have access for the month of September that you are attending the seminar in.

September 4th: 6PM to 9PM EST
September 11th: 6PM to 9PM EST
September 18th: 6PM to 9PM EST
September 25th: 6PM to 9PM EST

At one point in the life of my practice the information in this 1 seminar made up roughly 50% of my income and was responsible for helping countless numbers of people. The doctors who attended this seminar averaged an increase of 25% of their nutrition sales. Now imagine both you and your staff having the same and consistent knowledge and education about the products you are using in your offices.

What I will be covering:

1. Whole Food Nutrition
2. Whole Food vs. Synthetic Supplements
3. The entire product line in depth of Standard Process Products
a. Knowing what is in these products and how and why they were designed will show the true genius of Dr. Royal Lee and the vast number of tools we have available to help our patients.
b. Nutrition from the perspective of an AK Diplomate, Nutrition Diplomate and the wisdom from Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Price, and the many pioneer’s of whole food nutrition.