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Domain Authority Stacking

I originally heard about the idea of Domain Authority Stacking from one particular SEO genius, who is partnered with Network Empire. They teach a course costing $20,000 which includes all sorts of training in Domain Authority Stacking. They also offer a $500 course in Domain Authority Stacking that is a watered down version of what you would get live. I want to be honest and say that at the point of writing this book I have not taken ANY of this training. I started out with the general concept in mind, from what I could gather from their sales page.

I also came across an article written several years ago about how to avoid buying page rank 6 domains for thousands of dollars and actually make your own page rank 7 domain within about 365 days worth of work. It intrigued me. There are similar concepts between both groups. One calls it making a page rank 7 website, while the other calls it Domain Authority Stacking. Basically the writer recommended buying 40 domains with a little bit of age to them for $12 a piece in the auctions. Build out all of these sites. Create links from major and HIGH page rank directories and create as many good links as you can to these 40 sites. Not much detail was given. By doing this, the author says you will have 40 page rank 4 websites if you take the time to do it properly. Then you take ALL 40 sites and create links from them to three brand new separate sites. This was proposed to make three site page rank 5 sites. Then take the three page rank 5 sites and link them all to two more NEW SITES. These new sites would then become page rank 6 sites. Now doing this one more time and create links from your two page rank 6 sites and it’ll make you a page rank 7 site. These are the words of the other author. A page rank 7 site can create a few page rank 6’s instantly or an endless supply of page rank 4’s and 5’s. This is what you would call a four tier stack essentially.

I have been experimenting with a hybrid model. Since I love training and competing in the Ironman Triathlon, I am going to call it the Ironman Stack, and it will also be known as the SEO Triad of Health. In Applied Kinesiology we always talk about treating the patient using the Triad of Health. 1. Structural, 2. Biochemical/Nutritional, 3. Mental/Emotional/Spiritual. Any one is helpful, but to reach peak performance and health you need to focus on all three.

For SEO purposes and Stacking Your HEALTH in this case, we are going to stack the most powerful components I have come across.

I am going to outline my first test run on combining these two lines of thought.

I hired one freelancer to create for me 95 Web 2.0 properties.

I then hired another freelancer to create .EDU & .GOV links to all 95 Web 2.0 properties.

Web 2.0 Stack: .EDU & .GOV links: Not only do I have links, I have accounts with which to create links MIT.EDU, Stanford.EDU, Berkeley.EDU, Harvard.EDU, Caltech.EDU, UMD.EDU, WISC.EDU, UTEXAS.EDU, Columbia.EDU, Pitt.EDU, RPI.EDU, UH.EDU, UA.EDU, UNL.EDU, UDEL.EDU, ASU.EDU, UWM.EDU, fullerton.EDU, UOC.EDU, UARK.EDU, MSJC.EDU, UND.EDU, UMASSD.EDU, Wichita.EDU, & Buffalostate.EDU. I also have a list of .GOV links I was able to create. All of this was done for each and every one of the 95 Web 2.0 properties.

GSA Links: This was done to the 92 Web 2.0’s I used as my Tier 4. I have built an extensive list of thousands of page rank 1 and above URL’s that GSA posts to , and that are verified links. I sent these links to my 92 Tier 4 properties.

I sent Socialadr bookmarks to every single property.

I created a 4 tier system of stacking until it reaches my one main money site.

Here is a list of some of the Web 2.0 properties that have a high Page Rank and a very high Domain Authority from which you can create your Domain Authority Stacking.

PR 9


PR 8

PR 7

How should I say this in a nice way? The Ironman Stack is a BEAST. You can’t compete with it. The amount of Domain and Page Authority that passes from 95 of these types of sites to my money site is incredible.

I have outlined the specifics of what was done. It is a major task to manage 100 websites for the Ironman Stack. Since I won’t give out my freelancers names who I hired to do this for me, this is a SEO Service I will provide only for my clients. It is possible to create all of this on your own or hire someone to do it for you. I know my people know what they are doing, and they do it right. For all of the costs involved - at the time of this writing - I will be charging $2000 to build this for you. There is a very small markup for the expense and time it takes to build this and do it right. This was the one sticking point for me writing this book. I did say I would tell you step by step how I did all of my SEO and what I learned. I did just that. I gave you all of the pieces. Now you just have to do it yourself, hire out the services to freelancers that you find, or possibly hire me. I feel confident that people will choose all 3 options along the way.

Frankly, many of the things here in this book are the GOLD STANDARD. You can follow them step-by-step. I would imagine a lot of you will decide it’s in your best interest to oversee this specific work and hire a lot of it out anyways. That is where all of the hosting, SEO and Ironman Stack fall in my opinion.

Since I’m not going to plagiarize from the masters over at Network Empire,I am going to refer you to some of their courses. The course on Domain Authority Stacking is excellent. It’ll cost about $500. This is just for one course. I hope you realize the value of this book and the price you are getting it for. If you do additional training with them, I would focus on the DAS Course and the 5 iframe Punch.

They outline a version of:

The Mini Stack

Another example Stack

5 iframe Punch

The Press Release Stack

They actually have a $20,000 course which goes into incredible detail about DAS and many other things. Without giving away the details of each what I can tell you is this. If you look at the list above and create your own web of Web 2.0 traffic interlinking to your site, you are doing Domain Authority Stacking. Essentially raising the Page Authority and Domain Authority of your site.

They did teach the course in a way that was meant for individuals and SEO companies to use on their own sites and with clients. If you want to have one-on-one training of my own SEO services we can discuss the specifics in further detail and do it based on your own needs.

I’ll just make up one example that I never saw in any of their course advertising: Create a profile or site with each of these profiles that have no branded information that can be associated with you or your brand. à à à Your Money Site à à Your Money Site à Your Money Site à à Your Money Site à à à Your Money Site à Youtube à Your Money Site à à Youtube à Your Money Site

I would mostly have URL links or longer anchor text. Don’t use much at all for your exact match keywords. Each property needs to have its own unique content and be themed in a way that is associated with chiropractic for your office.