Build Your Practice The AK Way!

Build Your Practice THE AK WAY!

Check back on dates. This seminar will be the culmination of the best information for building an all cash Applied Kinesiology / Nutrition Practice. One that ensures spending more time with patients, having more fun in practice, and one that is built on your successes as a doctor and getting patients better and not marketing gimmicks. A practice the is truly recession proof and one that you love being in.

Why 70% of Chiropractors Fail or Quit Practice

This should be a real eye-opener for every chiropractor. According to Dunn and Bradstreet… which keeps records on over 140 million businesses, and has been doing so for over 167 years… “Of the small businesses that fail, 90% do so because of a LACK OF SKILLS and knowledge on the part of the owner.”

And, according to SCORE and U.S. Bank… “In 70% of small business failures, a key factor was the owner not recognizing or IGNORING WEAKNESSES and then NOT SEEKING HELP.”

Fact is: the research proves entrepreneurs in all categories – chiropractors included – struggle and even fail, because they’re either doing the right things wrong, or they’re doing the wrong things and don’t even realize it.


The cost squeeze in healthcare pushes many chiropractors to the brink.
Consumer demand falls and managed care removes even more chiropractic coverage from their plans. Standards of care fall, insurance fraud is common, and many chiropractors turn to unethical behavior to sustain their practices. Simultaneously, serious malpractice cases involving missed and ignored diagnosis of serious illnesses by super straight chiropractors become major media stories.

By 2015, the evidence base for chiropractic effectiveness advances little over the limited indications where chiropractors had been proven effective in 2005. Other providers offer spinal manipulation for lower back, neck, and chronic pain. DPTs and massage therapists take over a large percentage of the cash market for back pain. The remaining chiropractors fight over the
declining number of “true believer” patients who have had positive previous experiences with chiropractic and can afford to pay out-of-pocket.

If this really happens, will you have the means to stand out amongst the rest?
Why will someone pay you cash when they can get care down the road for much less money out of pocket?