High Quality Content

Adding content can be one of the most important things you do to your website, both for your patients and for Google. Your patients are looking for information and want to come to you as the authority of specific topics.

Google, on the other hand, wants to make sure people who come to your website stay there more than 3 seconds. This is called the bounce rate. The faster someone just leaves your website, the more Google thinks that your content is worthless.

The other biggest key here is the content itself must be completely unique. I know it seems easy to copy content from an authority site, Wikipedia, or one of your competitors; however, Google will know this and will slap you for it. They will not rank you higher when you have duplicate content. Google knows who the original site owner is of the content, and if it is not you, don’t plan on being in Google’s good graces.

So what are your options? What you do not want to do is use one of these chiropractic website companies with hundreds of pages of duplicate content. The same articles and information about headaches and back pain and all the other hundreds of pages are the same for every single one of their clients. You want your entire website to be entirely unique. This takes time and money to do. Either you write the content yourself, or you hire someone to write it. Finding the right writers for your individual needs for the right price can be difficult. However, writing hundreds of pages of your own content can be a miserable experience as well, or at the very least very time consuming.

What I do: I do some of both. No writer would ever be able to recreate the information I’ve learned within my 2 specialties on Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition. However, some of the content can be written often better when coming from an experienced writer. As doctors we want to explain things our way, when instead, it’s more helpful to write things in a way that speaks directly to what the patient wants to hear. We can certainly help you on your way to finding the right writers for you and creating all unique content if you wish.

Research high quality content and desire for that content

If you can provide relevant information that people are looking for right now, this would be the most ideal situation. For example, there are tons of forums and Q&A websites on the web discussing a multitude of different subjects. Many people are talking about chiropractors. They are asking questions, having concerns, and trying to find answers. What if you could find out the top most searched for questions, and also the questions with the most number of people following for answers and partaking in the conversation?

You can! If you join us and let us host your website, we will provide this list to you. It will tell you the hottest topics being talked about within the profession and across healthcare in general, and also the number of people talking about each topic. The more you answer these types of questions on your website, the more “RELEVENT” Google sees your website, and you will get increased traffic and higher ranking.

Large amount of detail on a subject:

Google loves detail on a subject. The more detail the better. It would be preferable that the articles on your website have detailed written information, pictures, and video - but the more detail the better. This makes you THE AUTHORITY! Use this to your advantage. Be an authority in the chiropractic field and be rewarded for it.

Promote daily content:

Even if you are not producing new content daily, Google rewards you and your website when you make updates regularly and provide new, fresh, and interesting content to your readers. If it’s not up to date, Google is aware of this and will not reward you over someone who is creating new and relevant information.

Email top blogs and websites in your field:

When you do this, you are developing relationships.  You open the possibility to obtaining more links back to your website- links that may be more difficult to get - however have a lot of link juice.

Ordering Articles:

If you do not want to take the time to write your own content on your website and your PBN sites, hire someone to do it for you. There are countless services out there that write great content. Check out freelance.com, fiverr.com, odesk.com, or just type something into Google about high quality content. You will have dozens of companies from which to order. Some will cost you anywhere from $2 per article on up. It all depends on quality and number of words. Another place I will use is ineedarticles.com.