Let me introduce you to Applied Kinesiology as developed by Dr. George Goodheart. Dr. Goodheart was not a business man, so the name Applied Kinesiology was not patented.  While there are applied kinesiology practices that may or may not have merit, but our focus will be on the practices developed and learned by Dr. Goodheart.  Dr. Goodheart was the first chiropractor on the medical board for the 1980 Olympics, a position one does not receive without getting people better quickly.


The true genius of Dr. Goodheart was his quest for learning about any possible diagnostic or treatment option that could help his patients, and using a combination of them individualized to each patient’s needs.  As you can imagine, having this knowledge base takes an incredible amount of time to study.  Thus, there are only about 85 specialists, made up of medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic, in the world of this discipline.


I have had the privilege of meeting and learning under Dr. Goodheart and other applied kinesiology specialists, and have become an Applied Kinesiology diplomate myself.  This specialty is available to all doctors with a license to diagnose, yet once again time and money frequently get in the way.


I’ve had such positive results and successes using this specialty, and I share my knowledge and experiences teaching doctors around the country.  This specialty has also allowed me to help numerous patients who have become frustrated with our healthcare system and who have not been otherwise helped by other well educated and well intentioned healers.


All of them spend more than 30 minutes with new patients and most spend 60 minutes or more. The majority of them spend 30 minutes of more on a regular patient visit. One of the key statistics I want you to keep in mind is that the majority of AK Diplomates spend 4-10 hours per week studying Applied Kinesiology, health, or researching medically related information in order to continually improve and help more people.


96% of AK Diplomates believe that to study and practice was THE single most important decision they made in their career. The majority of Diplomates believe that newly graduating doctors were at best average or worse when rating the competency and effectiveness of results when treating patients. The majority also felt that newly graduated doctors should not even be treating patients.


With a scale of 0-100 and 50 being average capability or results with patients……the majority of AK Diplomates believe that doctors who graduate with their 100 hour AK Certification were at the 50%-80% level of effectiveness when treating patients. On the same scale the level of effectiveness jumped to 70-90% effectiveness when they have achieved Diplomate status.


Now keep in mind that the 85 AK Diplomates in the world at the time of writing this seminar are composed of both medical doctors and chiropractors. The large majority of AK Diplomates believe they are the highest level option available for treatment and results with patients.


The majority of AK Diplomates have a cash practice. If you want a cash practice… better be able to offer something beyond what every other doctor in town has to offer.


Measuring the level of joy and satisfaction in 11 categories, the majority of AK Diplomates feel as though they were at the highest level in all categories including:

Their practice

Their Life


Personal Growth

Certainty they can help

Variety in practice

personal significance

Connecting with patients

And professional growth


The majority of AK Diplomates when asked about treating specific conditions feel as though when patients come in with common ailments there is no question in their mind they can help and do it all the time. Included in this list is:

Headache, Back pain, neck pain, blood pressure, acid reflux, cholesterol lowering, depression, anxiety, allergies (non-anaphalactic), asthma, IBS, infertility, libido, shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, wrist injuries, carpal tunnel, postural hypotension, endocrine disorders, hip injuries, knee injuries, foot injuries, TMJ and obesity.


96% of AK Diplomates admit to little or no marketing efforts and just let their results with patients build their offices. Most AK Diplomates believe that even in the recent “bad economy” that their offices either stayed the same or grew in size.


When asked….In your honest opinion,  your SPECIFIC knowledge of AK contributed to the saving of a family, friend or patients life that you would not have been able to without your knowledge in AK? 96% said absolutely YES


When asked……In your honest opinion,  your SPECIFIC knowledge of AK contributed to the  helping of a serious health issue that no other doctors has been able to help give partial relief or full recovery to? 100% said Absolutely YES


The majority of AK Diplomates admit to getting referrals from their peers because their peers were not able to help.


The majority of AK Diplomates utilize specialized equipment in their offices. The majority use percussors, arthrostim adjustors, Cold Laser, Allergy testing kits and nutritional testing kits.

The majority admit to either a lower overhead cost or if it is higher, it is more than compensated by the return on investment.


When asked about saturation in the marketplace and if they felt as though there was too much competition, the majority admitted that they do not feel there is any competition for them at all since their offices are so unique.


88% admit that being an AK Diplomate vs. not being one, that they are less likely to harm a patient


84% admit to being able to explain things to patients in a more understanding way and the patients wished their other doctors would have explained what was going on like the AK Diplomate did.


So here is the take home message here. There are a lot of amazing diagnostic systems and techniques available to learn. I’d recommend learning all of them. Even if it is not information you have fully mastered, a working knowledge of information in so many areas could mean the difference of having answers for your patients or not.


I strongly believe that Applied Kinesiology as taught by Dr. Goodheart should be taught to every single doctor on the planet whether they choose to use the information and technique exclusively or not. The more you know the better.


I couldn’t possibly explain in a brochure or short video what you will gain from coming to the 100 hour course. What I can tell you is that the hundreds of students I have taught all agree that they are better doctors as a result of learning the information available in Applied Kinesiology.


For more information please feel free to call the office at 315-451-1152 or visit the website at Please keep in mind that as of the recording of this video for the 2012-2013 AK teaching year that there is a substantial early registration discount, which also included a free nutrition testing kit if you sign up for the entire course during early registration which ends on September 1st 2012.


Thank you so much for listening. If I can be of any help, please let me know and have fun healing the world.