Refund Policy

The refund policy is very strict. There are no refunds at any time or for any reason.

You always have the right to sign up for individual classes instead of all 8 sessions at once. Certainly there is huge benefit and discount to signing up for all 8 session. Be aware that by signing up for any or all of the courses offered by Dr. Chris Montanaro that there are no refunds.

This policy is in place because there a numbers expenses involved with hosting the seminar and usually many of the funds brought in are immediately used to pay for these expenses. They are not held "in case" you decide you made the wrong decision to sign up for class or if you didn't realize you had a conflict and the timing doesn't work.

Any courses you sign up for and cannot attend for any reason, you will be able to apply those funds to attend the same seminar on a later date that it is offered.

Occasionally some of the seminars taught by Doctor Chris include meals. Often there is a date by which the venue requires a head count. All doctors and students of Dr. Chris's seminars must let Dr. Chris know they will not be there for a specific session before the final head count (usually 1-2 weeks in advance) or the doctor will also be charged for the meals as well.

Please know that the refund policy is in place to ensure the highest quality seminars for you and to be open and honest about what to expect.

Thank You!