SEO Intro

This book is the foundational coursework to help you understand what you need to know about building your online empire. None of it is particularly difficult to understand or requires a university engineering degree. It’s simply "unique" information YOU NEED TO KNOW if you are going to build an optimized website.

This is not your basic and often worthless information from some local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) "expert," who says they will rank your website for you and then charge you hundreds of dollars per month.

This is the culmination of many years of trial and error along with over $100,000.00 spent learning from several of the leading SEO experts from around the world. This is not a number I throw around lightly to represent some inflated value to impress you. This is the amount my partner and I have spent acquiring this knowledge. I decided to condense that information, make it simple and easy to understand, and then make it available to you for a fraction of the price and time it would typically take to acquire this same information for yourself. There is no question this book can save you tens of thousands of dollars in your marketing budget over the lifetime of your business.

Again, these experts I’ve worked side by side with are the some of the BEST in the world. All of them make over a million dollars a year using the same techniques that I will be sharing with you here. Some experts charge up to $30,0000.00 on one of the techniques that will be shared. That is just one technique! Companies pay millions of dollars a year to have their websites ranked and dominate the national or worldwide markets.

I wanted to make this information available to you and focus mostly on your local or niche market. You will be able to dominate it in a way in which your competition CANNOT compete. Not a chance, now way, no how, not possible, not going to happen! I don’t care if you currently trust the Yellow Pages, some local SEO guru, or even some other large SEO company. They don’t do the things I’m going to teach you. They simply don’t know this information. You will understand more of what I mean as you make your way through this book.

I will equip you with the basic and advanced knowledge you need to do this on your own. After learning what I have written here, you will be left with a decision.

Use the information and build your empire on your own. This will depend on the time and money you want to invest in building your online empire.

Use the information I teach you and hire me to be your personal coach to help you along the way. I will be available to answer your questions along the way and give you insights into making the best decisions for yourself while turning your thoughts and dreams into reality.

Even though I give you step-by-step information to follow and to do this yourself, some people don’t have the time to do this. They know for a fact they DO want to have exactly what I outline in this book. I can help there too. I can build it for you. You will still save a lot of time and money, and then you own your entire empire moving forward. As you will see, whether I do it or not, it still requires many services and expenditures along the way. Most of them are one time expenditures, but when you add up all the costs and time involved, most people will opt to be coached or have my team build it for you.

One thing I'd like to bring to your attention has to do with whom you buy and host your website. Since I originally applied this to the chiropractic professional, I will use that as my example. Every single chiropractic website company I see on Google fails miserably in so many categories that it would make your head spin. Not only are they terrible in many ways for their functions and ranking possibilities, they are WAY overpriced for what they offer. But, if you don’t know the information I am presenting in this document, you often will not even know what to look for and why they fail in presenting the best services for you and your offices.

Why, then, do people use these other chiropractic hosting companies?

They just don’t know the information I am presenting you.

They decide to purchase based on a good sales pitch. These companies make you think that you will be paving the way in technology and functionality.

The process appears simple. The average website consumer has little knowledge of coding websites, building websites and ranking them. So they decide on one of these companies that “APPEAR” to know what they are doing. They essentially hand you a website that is 100% done for you. It all sounds great on the surface, but you would be mistaken if you believe it.

It appears easy enough for a kindergartener to understant, and it is just that. Something that a kindergartener level represents. If you want the professional level website with the best of the best functions, and top rankings, then you are in the right place. With this knowledge you can build it yourself, or have my team do it for you.

The purpose of your website is to get more traffic:

By the end of this document you will understand a lot more about this. You will rank on Google for your primary site, but what if Google crashed for some reason? Wouldn’t you love to know how you can retain 75% of all of your traffic regardless of any possible changes Google may make? This is protection and market domination.

Dominate your competition and take over the entire first page of Google if you choose to do so. This is not just getting okay rankings. This is about dominating your market or niche. Absolutely crushing your competition online. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 4, 6, 8, or even all 10 properties on the first page of Google? This is exactly what we recommend. Breaking out The Bone Crusher!